Skakdi Dark Hunter, and rebellious engineer.


Avak left the ravaged and war-torn island of Zakaz to find a "better" life as a thief and murderer, taking his chances with the Dark Hunters rather than the Skakdi warlords. He delighted in the freedom the organization gave him to utilize his inventions, but recently he finds himself assigned partners he cannot stand.


Irritable and a loner, Avak prefers to keep the spoils of victory for himself rather than share them with his begrudging comrades, especially when they're the likes of Vezok and Reidak. His mind is constantly racing with ideas for inventions, and, given enough time and the right tools, he can fashion a weapon or tool from almost anything.


If Avak knows the powers of his opponent, he can create a perfect prison for them with his mind. His telescopic X-ray vision gives him the sight of an Akaku wearer to track down his targets. He is not very adept at hand-to-hand combat, so he carries a Seismic Pickaxe, which allows him to carve through any material and weld it together. It can also fire energy blasts. Additionally, as a Skakdi of Stone, he can use his Stone abilities in tandem with another of his species.