Have a knack for 2D Animation? Storyboards, backgrounds, linework, coloring, whatever need you meet, we're always happy to welcome more to the team! Email us at themangaiproject@gmail.com or join our Discord to get involved.

2D Animator (Commissioned Role)

We are hiring animators to produce quality linework and animatics for 2D animation! We commission at ($200.00 USD) minimum per scene with an average rate of ($450.00 USD). Payment is on a per-scene basis, and varies based on the complexity and length of the scene. If you are interested, email us to discuss work and pay rates.

General Artist Role

We welcome all sorts of artists to our production team.  Not a committed animator?  Open to a broader jack-of-all-trades workload?  We also accept volunteer work for storyboards, illustrations, and any general art our production may require. 

Voice Actor

Have a voice you think fits a Bionicle character? We have new casting calls for each episode and as needed in the interim. It's never too late to join the cast!