A shadowy organization of criminal mercenaries. 


The Dark Hunters emerged as an organization thousands of years ago, when mercenaries from around the Matoran Universe were brought together under one banner. They continue to serve whomever is willing to pay the highest price, but solidarity has since emboldened them.

Dark Hunter agents slowly work to expand their influence across the islands. Intimidating Matoran, extorting Turaga, and even killing Toa are among the crimes attributed to the organization. They’re also responsible for the theft of the Makoki Stone, and various other precious objects are rumored to have disappeared into their claws. 

Agents are only known by their codenames. Sailors and merchants believe their base to be a distant island known as “Odina,” but nobody truly knows. Those who go in search of it never return, and if they do, they return as Dark Hunters. 


Their leader remains an even greater mystery. Nobody knows his codename, nor his true name. The name that is consistently whispered in ports and villages is “The Shadowed One". It’s unknown how he came to lead the Dark Hunters or if he played a role in the organization's founding. However, it is likely that “The Shadowed One” pulls the strings of the Hunters, recruiting agents and assigning them missions. Those who wish to hire the Hunters must broker deals with him, albeit indirectly.

His exploits exist only in rumors. They say that he was once the greatest mercenary in the Matoran Universe. Others say that just his gaze is enough to paralyze his foes; that he has bested Makuta in single combat; that he keeps a living Toa imprisoned in his throne room. What is certain is that “The Shadowed One” and his Dark Hunters are a growing threat to the Universe.

Known Members