Skakdi Dark Hunter, and cunning strategist.


Hailing from the distant island of Zakaz, Vezok left his war-torn home to become a thief. Shortly after stealing the Makoki Stone from the Toa fortress, Vezok was recruited by the Dark Hunters. Since then, his skills as a thief have served the Shadowed One, whether Vezok likes it or not.


Calm and collected, Vezok is extremely clever and an excellent tactician. He prefers to outsmart his enemies rather than overcome them with brute force, although he is not lacking in strength when needed.


Vezok's impact vision strikes those within his sight with a powerful force. He also has the ability to absorb the powers of any creature in close proximity, store them, and then use them himself later on. In battle, he relies on a Water Harpoon with a towline on one end and a buzzsaw on the other. He can also use it to channel his elemental Water abilities without the help of another Skakdi.