Skakdi Dark Hunter, and destructive warrior. 


Reidak was recruited into the Dark Hunters after he leveled his island home off the coast of Zakaz. As a thief, Reidak uses his talents for devastation to act as the muscle on missions. Now, he works alongside fellow Skakdi Vezok and Avak, eager to continue smashing, stealing, and killing Toa. 


Reidak’s enjoyment of destruction often puts him at odds with his other partners, especially Avak, who despises him. The feeling is mutual between the two Skakdi, as Reidak fears enclosed spaces like Avak’s prisons. Reidak hates being immobile and prefers to be on the move constantly, and he lacks patience. Reidak’s strength and destructiveness also belie his intelligence and cleverness, though more often he’d rather use that strength to defeat opponents without strategy or deception. 


When not acting as the muscle, Reidak can utilize his tracking skills to pursue foes. These skills are further enhanced by his infrared and thermal vision. Reidak can also analyze and adapt to his foes so quickly that he can never be defeated the same way twice. He wields a buzzsaw with a drill attached to it that can turn the ground into quicksand. Additionally, as a Skakdi of Earth, he can use his Earth abilities in tandem with another of his species.