Tales of The Mangai

Straight from the Chronicles of Kodan, the Tales of the Mangai is a supplementary anthology of short stories set in the BIONICLE universe during the era of the Mangai.

The Duty of the Chronicler:

The legends of the Bionicle exist because of the Chroniclers. Throughout history, there has always been a Chronicler. They act as the chief historian of the Matoran, recording events from all across the universe. With their venerable staff, they carve these stories into history, so that other beings may be inspired to unity, duty, and destiny.

Read each exciting entry below!

  • A village leader living in the Tren Krom Peninsula struggles between his loyalty to his fellow Matoran and the alliance he has struck with a dangerous monster.

  • Aidau, Toa of Ice, fights for survival as a Frostelus attack ravages the Toa fortress he is guarding.

Tidings of Dume

  • Coming soon!