Tren Krom Peninsula

The Tren Krom Peninsula is a densely-jungled region at the southern tip of the northern continent, south of Metru Nui. The Matoran universe's supply of Acid is harvested from the region's acid falls, and exported to faraway lands.


Not much is known about the history of the peninsula except that beings who escape the region vow never to return. It is rumored that the ancient being Tren Krom once lived here, hence the region's name.


The peninsula is known for its inhospitable nature. Hazardous terrain and dangerous Rahi are a common occurrence, and Matoran learn to stick together if they have any hope of surviving. The terrain itself is a dense jungle, with razor sharp crystals that jut out of mountain slopes and regular acid rain that runs down into large acid falls. There are many Matoran villages scattered throughout the region, however they are rarely able to communicate with one another. At night, Matoran keep to the safety of their villages. It is said that horrors beyond imagination roam the darkness beyond the campfire's glow, spawns of an ancient entity long since departed.



  • Acid Viper

  • Nui-Rama

  • Kapiru