Makuta of Tren Krom


Thousands of years ago, Makuta Gorast was created by the Great Spirit Mata Nui with the substance known as Antidermis. Like the rest of her species, Gorast serves the Brotherhood of Makuta, populating the Matoran Universe with Rahi and plant life. After the Matoran Civil War, Makuta Miserix assigned Gorast to maintain order on the Tren Krom Peninsula. 

Despite the area’s reputation as one of the most treacherous in the universe, Gorast quickly established her rule. She became known as “The Mistress of the Acid Falls,” both for her decisive victories over the creations of Tren Krom and for her absolute control over the peninsula’s Matoran. Gorast often employs Matoran in leadership positions to act as collaborators, who report other Matoran that seek to defy the Makuta’s rule. Dissidents and would-be runaways are punished with death. 


Gorast is known for her temper and her brutality. She is quick to anger and will respond to slights with extreme force. She enjoys manipulating her Matoran, knowing they cannot refuse her propositions. 


Gorast wears a Kanohi Felnas, the Mask of Disruption. The mask allows her to disrupt any of her opponents’ powers after she touches them. 

Like all Makuta, she can control the Element of Shadow and produce Kraata. Other noteworthy powers Gorast possesses are laser vision, telepathy, teleportation, and density control. In addition to her sharp claws, she wields a battle ax.