Treacherous Bo-Matoran village leader from the Tren Krom Peninsula.


Keddik came into being on the Tren Krom Peninsula, as one of the Matoran technicians gathering acid from the region's famous acid falls for export across the universe. He learned the ropes of the region well, and rose to a position of leadership in the village of Ul-Koro, mediating contact with the Makuta Gorast and organizing work schedules at the falls.


Keddik is used to hiding and striking from the shadows, making him skittish and shy in stressful situations, but he has a heart of gold and cares deeply for his village and his people. He is not quick to trust, and those who deal with him would do well not to trust him too quickly either, as he will cross and double-cross as needed to ensure Ul-Koro is safe.


As a simple Matoran, Keddik must rely on his wit rather than his abilities when the need arises. His mind is sharp, but when intimidated he finds himself spinning his wheels.