Hardened Toa of Ice and commander of the Toa Fortress.


Aidau started his path as a Toa the same as many do. A humble Matoran was called to greatness, and began a new life of bravery, sacrifice, triumph and pain. He was soon recruited by Toa Dume's team in response to the League of Six Kingdoms beginning their conquest of the world. After the war, the team split up and Aidau eventually became the commander of the Toa Fortress, where he went down in history as being one of its best leaders. Several years into his command, he led a mission that saved the island of Stelt from total civil war, and received world-wide recognition for this.


Aidau was initially afraid of his powers, fearing that he’d accidentally break the Toa Code. As such, he held back more than he needed to. Only through Toa Dume’s reassurance and mentorship did Aidau gain enough confidence to reach his full potential. After the two parted ways, Aidau was inspired to become a leader in the image of Dume. He easily relates to new Toa who aren't yet comfortable with their new power and responsibility, and helps them grow and learn to become not just true Toa, but true heroes.


As a Toa of Ice, he can create, control, and even absorb ice. In addition to this, his elemental power grants him authority over coldness itself. His Kanohi Mask allows him to create objects out of solid light, their shapes being limited only to his imagination. He is armed with a formidable scythe that dubiously resembles a giant icepick.