Noble leader of Metru Nui.


Before Dume became a Toa, he was already a well-known local hero. Braver than most Ta-Matoran, he traveled around his homeland, visiting Matoran villages that lacked the protection of Toa. He helped train and organize militias, only staying in one place for a few months before seeking out the next settlement to help. Eventually, a legendary Toa heard about Dume, and met with the Matoran hero. He was surprised to hear that Dume had a slight resentment against Toa, as they had never been around to protect any of the villages Dume had been to. They talked for days, debating world views, arguing over everything, but in the end they had a lot of respect for each other, as both of them had learned a great deal. Many years later, this Toa returned, and asked Dume if he would be willing to become a Toa himself. Dume was shocked to hear this, but he accepted nonetheless. As a Toa, Dume was initially conflicted with his new life, but he soon decided to take full advantage of his power and went on to become one of the greatest Toa heroes in history. 

After fighting in the war against the League of Six Kingdoms, he decided to pass on his power. He became a Turaga, creating six new Toa in the process, one of which being Lhikan. Dume sought to help his people by being a leader, and eventually became the Turaga of Metru Nui, and under his watch the city entered a new golden age.


Dume always had a strong sense of justice and righteousness.  His goal in life was simple: to help as many people as he can by teaching them how to help themselves. Despite being a ferocious warrior, he believes that the best way to be a true hero is to be a good leader and a teacher. As a Turaga, Dume demanded respect from his citizens and any foreigners who wandered into Metru Nui. Dume does not negotiate with beings who have ulterior motives, and particularly despises the Dark Hunters due to the Shadowed One's interest in occupying the city. Despite his rigid behavior, he has a deep love for the Matoran of Metru Nui, and he would do anything to ensure their safety. 


After becoming a Toa of Fire, Dume gained the ability to control, create, and even absorb all forms of heat and flame. His Mask of Regeneration allowed him to quickly repair and fix non-organic objects, from everything from small tools to large buildings. He wielded an oversized warhammer, which he often covered in flame during the heat of battle. As a Turaga, he carries the Metru Nui Badge of Office, an ornate staff that had been passed down for generations.