Toa Mangai of Fire, and leader of the Toa Mangai team.


Once a simple craftsman from a small village, Lhikan's life was changed when Toa Dume rescued him from a Rahi attack. Their friendship grew, and when Dume chose to become a Turaga, he elected Lhikan as one of the recipients of his six Toa stones. Transformed into a Toa, Lhikan joined a Toa team that was stationed at the Toa fortress guarding the Makoki Stone. His team was killed by the Frostelus, and Lhikan swore never to run from any threat ever again.


Lhikan dislikes speaking of his past to anyone but his closest friends. He looks forward to seeing his old friend Dume again, but deep down he does not feel cut out to lead his fellow Toa, despite his outward confidence. He hopes to "fake it 'til you make it", but will he be able to keep up the act long enough to rise up as a hero?


Lhikan wears the Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding. The mask creates an impenetrable shield that protects him from attacks that he can see coming. He carries twin fire greatswords that can combine into a hoverboard and lavaboard that allows him to fly and surf on molten magma.