Vicious predatory cat native to the Tren Krom Peninsula.


There are many dangerous beasts that roam the thick forests of the Tren Krom Peninsula, but few are more feared than the Kapiru. 

They prefer to hunt in packs, but as prey is scarce in the peninsula they will usually scavenge for food. When they do make a kill, however, they will ferociously defend it from rival packs and other predators. Packs of Kapiru will stake out a large territory where the food is most abundant, but if this ever changes due to overhunting or natural migration, they have been known to go to war with other packs for the sake of expansion.

But most dangerous of all is the lone Kapiru. Young males cast out by their pack are left to fend for themselves, and will resort to killing anything they come across to sate their hunger. If you are unlucky enough to encounter a lone Kapiru, your only hope is to pray that they are already fed. 


The Kapiru species is indigenous to the Tren Krom Peninsula. Their existence has been documented by the Peninsula's sparse matoran population for many years, although what exactly they were or how they survived hasn't always been so well known. Many superstitions were formed around these creatures, and they were widely feared for their tendency to raid settlements for any food they could find. An expedition into the heart of the forest in hopes of charting the entire area also revealed more information on the Kapiru's behavior.


Kapiru are equipped with a number of deadly natural weapons. Their bite is strong enough to crush bone, and their claws are so sharp they can slice through the toughest trees with one swipe. Their tails also have a bladed tip, which they use like a whip to incapacitate or kill their prey.