Po-Matoran and aide to Turaga Dume.


Kodan is a Po-Matoran of Metru-Nui. It is unclear if he came from another island, but he proudly refers to Metru-Nui as his home. During the Matoran Civil War, Kodan acted as a negotiator, where he was exposed to the nuances of the conflict. As the Great Disruption rocked the Matoran Universe in the war’s aftermath, Kodan did his part to get Metru Nui up and running again. He traveled around the island, taking jobs wherever he was needed. These experiences inspired Turaga Dume to appoint Kodan as his personal aide. 


Kodan is confident and will strike up conversations with Matoran and Toa alike. He claims to have a story for everything and won’t hesitate to tell one. After his experiences in wartime and travels during the Disruption, Kodan believes that every being and every metru gives their own unique contribution to the Great Spirit. To him, no one is greater than the other and all deserve consideration. He is eager to share this perspective with Turaga Dume. 


While Kodan is very comfortable with speaking and adventuring, he is also a talented writer. His time as a carver in Po-Metru gives his handwriting a sharpness rarely seen on the island.